Pattern generator is a design system created to produce visual assets for Template Gallery in Typeform. The script randomizes backgrounds for templates. The main goal is to achieve scale as well as give users a curated experience.

The four main pillars of categories is Surveys, Forms, Quizzes and Polls. The system creates one of a kind backgrounds for each. The design is based of parameters decided via some principles of UI, colors, shapes, layout and art direction.

The Result produced over 5K and counting, template production. My role included concept development, art direction, working with developers on refining scripts, final hand off and QA.


We wanted to communicate richness in information and meaning with a minimum of formal complexity. We highlighted the benefits of meaningful conversations in a relatable way. 

I worked on several digital campaigns, like hello, back to school, Landing pages made for launching products, careers page, Emailers introducing several features of Typeform and showcasing the newest integrations.

Hello Campaign

Typeform Product page

Landing pages for Careers and Blog posts

Emailers Introducing Typeform features 

Back to School Campaign

Emailer showcasing integrations with Hubspot and Google sheets

Typeform Template Gallery’s goal is to provide users with a more curated and engaging experience on the homepage. We wanted our users to be able to easily discover a template that best suits their needs.

We worked on improving the experience of navigation, gallery structure and template pages. We highlighted our top performing templates and grouped use cases to make it easier for the users to navigate.

I was involved in User testing, art direction, creating a design system for a customisable hero module and collaborating with developers and the SEO team for hand off and QA.


Factory 103 Co-working is an event and office space in the heart of Barcelona! They host events for Twitter, LinkedIn and have a converted an old chocolate factory from the 90’s into a trendy modular office space for budding start-ups and creatives.

It is a home to many professionals from various sectors such as remote workers architects, designers, marketers, and tech savy startups. We wanted to re-brand the co-working that reflected the atmosphere when you walked in it.

I worked on the branding based on atoms that interact with each other like our members and co-exist in one place. We re-designed the flow of the website making it easier for users to pick a plan. A personalised videoask was made to encourage interactions on the website.



Digital Experiments - From time to time I experiment with creative coding, 3D Blender, processing and AR filters. A lot of it is just personal projects in kinetic typography, playing with P5js, webGL shaders and spark AR. 

I was commissioned by Ahlens, Sweden to create a make up AR filter. I aim to use creative coding as a tool in the future for branding projects. I aspire to work with physical/video installations of my digital designs.

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